Gemini- male Maine Coon; white underbelly, black and orange motled on top; one blue eye, one amber eye. Posed lying down, facing the camera with both paws hanging over the perch.

GC, RW, NW, CaliCats Gemini is a gentle giant and our first National Winner. He runs the house, is a perfect gentleman with the babies and anyone else, and also does tricks on command.

Gilligan- male Maine Coon; white underbelly, black and orange back and tail; amber eyes. Posed with back towards the camera and head turned to look to the upper right.

GC, RW, CaliCats Gilligan, affectionately nicknamed “Little Buddy” is a double regional winner (kitten, championship), and the one responsible for all of our blue and yellow eyed kittens.

Petty- male Maine Coon; orange and cream fur, with amber eyes. Posed sitting up on a cat tower with tail hanging over the platform and attention on the camera.

Grand Premier CaliCats Heartbreaker, born July 7th, 2017. Otherwise known as “Petty”, he is a total ham with an assortment of tricks at his paws and tremendous potential in the show halls. He is currently being shown in Premiership.