Award Winning CaliCats!

Grand Champion, Regional Winner, National Winner CaliCats Gemini

Stella Luna- female Maine Coon; white underbelly, black and orange stripes on top and tail; one blue eye, one amber eye. Posed from the side with nose facing the camera and far front paw raised slightly.
Ms Stella Luna posing for the camera.

Grand Champion, Regional Winner CaliCats Stella Luna

Grand Champion, Regional Winner CaliCats Gilligan (aka “Little Buddy”), who makes all those beautiful odd-eyed and blue eyed babies

Petty- Orange and cream with yellow eyes, being held by Mary who has blonde hair and is wearing a flowered shirt. Award is for

Petty won big here!

Grand Premier, Regional Winner CaliCats Heartbreaker (aka “Tom Petty”) now lives a very spoiled life in Ventura, CA with his owners Brenda and Cameron

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