Stella Luna- female Maine Coon; white underbelly, black and orange stripes on top and tail; one blue eye, one amber eye. Posed from the side with nose facing the camera and far front paw raised slightly.
GC, RW CaliCats Stella Luna was CFA Southwest Region’s 9th best kitten in 2018 and best Maine Coon kitten. She was also the 2nd best Maine Coon kitten in CFA, National Division.



Ursa Minor- female Maine Coon; white underbelly, mostly black with light orange tabby markings on top and tail; amber eyes. Posed from the side, lying down with forepaws hanging over edge of perch; looking at something to the upper left of the camera.
GC CaliCats Ursa Minor, affectionately known as Bear, is living with Cindy McPherson Buettner of Myluckystars Maine Coons.

Rita- female Maine Coon; white stomach and chest, orange strips on legs, black and orange mottling on back and tail; half of her face is black, with an orange stripe up the center and more black, gray, and orange motling on the other half. Eyes are amber. Posed from the side, sitting up with forward paw raised slightly and face pointed at the camera.
Whatatrill Lovely Rita has earned her retirement from CaliCats life and now spends her days as a lovingly spoiled pet

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